Take a quiz and listen to some true stories on the 3.day of festival [fjúžn]

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Grafika: Matúš Hnát

Con[fjúžn] quiz: What do you know about Spectacular Slovakia

Slovakia may be a tiny country but there is a lot to discover. Join us during a quiz night to learn more about Slovakia and to meet foreigners from all over the world.

There are no special requirements: form a team of four players (with no more than 1 Slovak on each team), speak English, and put a smile on your face. The quiz night is organised by [fjúžn] festival and The Slovak Spectator. Ludwig Bagin will host the night.

The capacity is limited, so you have to REGISTER FIRST through the Inviton.

Bratislava True Stories [fjúžn] edition

Get ready for another round of personal stories told live! Each show has a theme that storytellers explore and interpret through their own unique stories. Our tellers are selected to reflect diverse voices from various backgrounds.

All tellers have 7minutes to tell their stories. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind event described as a cross between documentary and theater, creating an intimate and often enlightening experience for the audience and tellers.

Admission: 5 EUR
Ticket link: https://www.inviton.eu/e-11385/bratislava-true-stories-fjuzn-edition

You can find the whole program at festival.fjuzn.sk.

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