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OPEN CALL: Workshop of Forum Theatre

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We are looking for 15 people who are willing to participate in a 5-days long Workshop of Forum Theatre.

The workshop will take place in Bratislava in September, followed by a public performance on 21st September in Bratislava and two other towns in September/October. Participants will be introduced to Theatre of the Oppressed exercises and games, which are based on work with words, sounds, and rhythm. They will prepare their own theatre play on the issue of identity. Through participation, they will be able to affect their community and to open discussion on political and social changes.

Forum Theatre is a platform where Actors and Spectators are together at the same stage and they talk about real issues of oppression and discrimination in the society.

Theatre of the Oppressed is a worldwide, non-violent aesthetic movement, which aims on promoting change and non-passiveness.

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When and where does it take place?
5-days workshop
September 16th – 20th in Bratislava
Public performance: September 21st in Bratislava + 2 towns in September/October 2022

What do we offer?
learning the games and practices of Theatre of the Oppressed that enhance your performance and artistic skills we cover all costs (food, transport and accommodation) if needed.

Who can participate?
No previous theatre experience is needed. Forum Theatre is open for non-actors.
minimum age: 18 years old
Any nationality and/or religion
We aim on creating as diverse group as possible
Basic knowledge of English language
Full participation (5 days) is required
Capacity: 15 people

Deadline: September 9th 2022

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Andrej Návojský
+421 902 106 242

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