Na Slovensku aj po anglicky: Gigi Ann Green

Text Jeremy Hill

Gigi Green’s musical odyssey unfolds against the backdrop of a multicultural upbringing in Bratislava, Slovakia, where her British roots intertwine with Slovak heritage. This episode of Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky delves into the complexities of identity, language, and artistic expression.

A Harmonious Upbringing

Born in Bratislava to a British father and Slovak mother, Gigi’s formative years resonated with an eclectic blend of musical influences, ranging from Jimi Hendrix to traditional Slovak folk tunes. This fusion of soul, blues, and jazz laid the foundation for her distinct musical identity.

Gigi’s bilingual upbringing endowed her with a unique linguistic duality. Raised in a household where both Slovak and English were spoken, she attended an English kindergarten, cultivating proficiency in both languages. This linguistic versatility would later shape her artistic expression.

As Gigi matured, reconciling her dual identity became a poignant theme. Her name, conspicuously distinct from traditional Slovak names, became a focal point of self-awareness. Yet, she adeptly navigated these differences, demonstrating the resilience that defines her character.

Musical Genesis

Gigi’s musical journey commenced early, with her dancing and singing to the melodies cherished by her father. Formal vocal training began in kindergarten, sparking a profound passion for singing. Over time, she honed her skills, delving even into songwriting, a craft that would become central to her artistry.

Gigi’s music transcends boundaries, fusing elements of pop with the emotional depth of soul, blues, and jazz. Her compositions feature an array of instruments, imbuing her work with a unique, cross-cultural resonance. This fusion sets her apart in Slovakia’s music landscape.

As a newcomer in the music industry, Gigi’s distinctive sound has garnered both intrigue and acclaim. While some listeners find her music refreshingly different, there’s a call for Slovak lyrics, a challenge she acknowledges. Balancing authenticity with innovation remains at the heart of her artistic journey.

Academic Pursuits

Gigi’s academic curiosity led her to pursue Liberal Arts and Sciences, majoring in international law at the University of Leiden. This interdisciplinary approach reflects her insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to impact the world beyond music.

Gigi envisions a future where her music coexists with academic and, potentially, policy-driven pursuits. The question of returning to Slovakia lingers, as she contemplates the potential impact she could have on her homeland’s cultural and political landscape.

Gigi Green’s journey embodies the transformative power of music in transcending borders. Her ability to harmonize diverse influences into a unique sonic tapestry not only showcases her musical prowess but also underscores her resilience in navigating the complexities of identity. As she steps into the next chapter of her life, the world anticipates the melodious notes she will contribute to its symphony.

Thank you to my guest Gigi Ann Green. You can find her music online at her website. There she has multiple links to where you can listen to her music and explore dates for her live shows.

Homepage’s website above to Gigi’s Spotify

Theme song: Cristian Estrella – 25 cóndores índigos rumbo a Marte (intro version) . You can find Cristian’s work online at:

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